9 Most Epic Bucket List Adventure Ideas For 2022

Nothing in this whole world could excite me more than imagining summer bucket list ideas. It takes you to the new world of imagination when you talk about different historical places. If you do not have serious aspirations right now, I am sure you will get an epic one after reading this. If you haven’t made your life unforgettable till now, you are one step close to doing so. Hence, keeping all the circumstances in mind, we are providing you with 9 bucket list travel destinations that will give you a lot of memories to recall.

1- Voyage To Antarctica

Late Spring Season (The Best Bucket List Adventure Ideas)

Voyage to Antarctica - Bucket List Adventure Ideas

Antarctica, as the world’s least-explored continent, is one of those lifetime bucket lists experiences. A sailing journey to Antarctica might simply be in a class by itself, being unknown, risky, and little visited.

Antarctica is the location where you can enjoy nature in its rare pattern. Mountains and valleys covered in snow allow you to admire the beauty of that place and its creator. 

A journey to Antarctica is expensive, and there are a lot of penguins to view. It’s a location where you can see nature at its most raw and animals at its least disturbed.

The bucket list adventure will lead you to the farthest edge of the world, passing through harsh waters. But the effort is worth it because there’s no other better place on Earth for the best bucket list experience than Antarctica!

2- Mongolia Landscape

The Gobi, Tal, and Khangai (Desert, Steppe, and Mountain)

Mongolia Landscape - Bucket List Adventure Ideas

Journey to Mongolia is among those summer bucket list ideas that you should experience at any cost. Mongolia is also among a wild state in the universe. It seems like a large bed of grass that is being extended on a broad area. You should see this view on horseback, and you will be astonished. 

Experiencing the landscape by riding a horse is among those bucket list experiences that could make you crazy with its captivating view.

3- Trail To Machu Picchu | Top Bucket List Adventure Ideas

The Most Visited Tourist Destination In Peru. A Symbol Of The Incan Empire

Trail To Machu Picchu - Bucket List Adventure Ideas

Notable as one of the most inspiring and amazing visions, it is simple to understand why a flock of travelers always wanted to go to Peru. It is one of the best summer bucket list ideas that could not disappoint you.

The perfect stonework of Machu Picchu’s, along with the dense clouds surrounding the forest, creates a scene that captivates the heart. The whole vision seems like mountains are touching the sky. Geologically, it is a bit complex area, but it sure includes a lot of adventure.

4- Karakoram Highway’s Road Trip

Eighth Wonder Of The World. Most Famous Road To Travel In Pakistan

Karakoram Highway's Road Trip - Bucket List Adventure Ideas

Talking about travel bucket list adventures, and you forgot about Karakoram Highway, how is that possible? It will be completely wrong if you do not mention Pakistan in your bucket list of travel destinations.

Pakistan has to be on everyone’s bucket list when it comes to vacation locations. After all, it’s adventure travel’s crown gem. Talking about bucket list destinations without mentioning Karakoram Highway in Pakistan is boring. 

What better way to explore its allure than on a driving trip along the Karakoram Highway, the world’s eighth wonder?

The entire nation is epic, from the delectable history, culture, and food of Lahore to the amazing beauty of Gilgit Baltistan, but the Karakoram Highway alone is reason enough to make a backpacking experience in Pakistan a bucket list trip as soon as possible.

The Karakoram Highway (which connects Pakistan and China) passes through some of the most breathtaking scenery I’ve ever seen. You’ll be greeted with the famed Passu Cones, as well as a plethora of other mountains and spectacular landscapes. 

After all, it is the lonesome summer bucket list idea that is like a gem. Who does not want to enjoy a journey to the 8th Marvel of the World? The inspiring Passu Cones, along with other mountains, could cast a spell on you with their beauty.

5- Tramp the Dolomites, Italy

One Of The World’s Most Beautiful Playgrounds For Outdoor Adventurers

Tramp the Dolomites, Italy - Summer Bucket List Ideas - Bucket List Adventure Ideas

Among the all bucket list travel destinations, hiking the dolomite in Italy is like a summer retreat that has no comparison. Praising impressive landscapes, amazing scenes, breathless panoramas, and surprising routes are the best features of the Dolomite peak. 

You will also experience the evergreen meadows, Alpine woods, and lakes that itself is a vision of serendipity.

6- Trip to Volcanoes of Russia’s the Kamchatka Peninsula

Nestled Between The Pacific Ocean And The Sea Of Okhotsk

Trip to Volcanoes of Russia’s the Kamchatka Peninsula - Bucket List Adventure Ideas

Kamchatka is a place that many people could not recognize. Due to this reason, numerous travelers left it off their travel bucket list. Peninsula is 1250km in length, and this wide area includes captivating landscapes, raw nature, volcanoes, and wildlife.

Not only this, Peninsula has dramatic weather. Make sure you do not miss your trip to the Kamchatka Peninsula because the scenes are at their peak there.

7- Mount Everest Base Camp Trek

The Most Dramatic And Picturesque In The Himalaya

Mount Everest Base Camp Trek - Bucket List Adventure Ideas

Mount Everest’s peak, at 8,848 meters, provides the perfect background for this once-in-a-lifetime adventure. This is the best summer bucket list idea that will be one of the best bucket lists experiences. 

Starting in Lukla, your journey will take you through Sherpa villages, through stunning monasteries, and across breath-taking suspension bridges to the world’s highest mountain base camp.

The trek grows more difficult and demanding with each passing day, and it will surely test your body’s capabilities. However, the breathtaking sights and encouragement from your fellow participants will motivate you to achieve your destination.

Arriving at Everest Base Camp will be a memorable experience that you will share with your fellow trekkers. You may spend time visiting the hectic, fascinating, and historic capital of Kathmandu after your descent and fly back to Kathmandu.

8- Travel To India By Train

The Classic Rail Circuit – Classic Routes, The South And Maharajas

Travel To India By Train - Bucket List Adventure Ideas

Traveling through India’s vast railway network is the best summer bucket list idea. India is a kaleidoscope of worlds inside worlds, and the best way to see it all is by train. Except for certain of the country’s more hilly parts, India Railways can take you to practically every part of the country.

Begin your journey in New Delhi, go to Rajasthan, and then continue south till you reach India’s beautiful beaches and coastline. Make a U-turn to go to the East Coast, and don’t miss Northeast India’s seven sister states, which will make you feel like you’re in another nation.

9- Gorillas Trekking Uganda

Perfect Destination For Those Looking To Gorilla Treks And Wildlife Safaris

This is the quintessential African adventure. Why not take a trip to Uganda’s heartland and rub shoulders with mountain gorillas, chimps, and lions in their native habitats?

This tour includes a river cruise through magnificent national parks, a hike with wild Gorillas and Chimpanzees in lush woods, swimming through majestic waterfalls surrounding Lake Bunyonyi, and an epic game drive in Queen Elizabeth National Park to view the Big Five.

Gorillas Trekking Uganda - Bucket List Adventure Ideas

Why not make the year 2022 memorable? These bucket list travel destinations are everything if you want to travel with an adventure.

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