Most Visited Beaches In Dubai – Don’t Forget To Visit In 2022

Dubai is a hot city and due to its hot nature, it has a large number of natural and artificial beaches. There are various private beach clubs in Dubai affiliated with luxury associations and resorts. Apart from artificial and luxury resorts, there is a big list of public beaches in Dubai. Here we will describe some artificial islands in Dubai, public beaches, the best beach restaurants in Dubai, and other hotels beaches in Dubai.

1- JBR Open Beach

Majestic View Of Dubai’s Skyline – Public Beach

It is one of the biggest beaches in Dubai and its area is huge. JBR is a short form of Jumeirah Beach Residence and elongates the entire area of the JBR. Some portion is open and some are selected for resorts. The sand at the beach is in powder form and flossy, and the water possesses exquisite blue-green colour.

The Secret Spot on Jumeirah Beach Residence Open Beach - Beaches In Dubai

JBR also holds the best beach restaurants in Dubai. It is an open beach but swimming is not allowed at night. This beach provides various facilities like swimming pools, surfing training, volleyball courts, sailing classes, outdoor gyms, and yoga classes at all planes of events.

Location: Jumeirah Beach Road – Dubai UAE

Facilities: Free Public Beach, Beach Library, Changing Facilities, Jogging Track, Paid Car Parking.

2- La Mer Beach

The Beach – The Entertainment Hub – Meraas Spreads

La Mer Beach is one of the chicest newcomers among all the beaches in Dubai. This beach holds scenic scenes. It offers a modulated and tailored beach occurrence accomplished with water athletics, and beachfront dining and shopping.

Public Beach - Beach in Dubai - United Arab Emirates - La-mer - Dubai - Beaches In Dubai

La Mer beach is like a gesture of artefacts, pictures, and commercial operations of all varieties: not the regular pure seaside location, but a gathering location between coast life and civilization. Apart from the shopping malls, La Mer also incorporates the best hotels beaches in Dubai.

It has a wide playground that children enjoy. La Mer has an abundance of restaurants and cafes to savour the view with amazing and delicious foods.

Location: La Mer Beach – Jumeirah – Dubai UAE

Facilities: Free Public Beach, Walking Track, Restaurants & Cafés, Umbrellas & Beach Lounge Chairs, Underground Paid Parking, Showers & Baby Changing Facilities.

3- Al Mamzar Beach Park

Most Visited & Appreciated – Popular Beach In The City

Al Mamzar is one of the best beaches for family and family gatherings. Not only families but explorers, adventurers, and honeymooners love this place. It attributes five pure beaches for swimming or sunbathing.

Public Beach - Beach in Dubai - United Arab Emirates-Al-Mamzar - Beaches In Dubai

At the start, there is a big portion of the neat lawn and then you arrive at white soft sand. No man can visit this beach on Wednesday and Monday because on that day, only girls and women can come.

Location: Al Mamzar – Deira – Dubai UAE

Facilities: 4 Free Public Beaches, Free External Parking, Sun loungers – Umbrellas For Rent, Jet Ski, Water Sports, Changing Rooms, Showers, Lifeguards, Prayer Rooms

4- The Palm Jumeirah

Manmade Artificial Island In Dubai – Delightful & Marvellous

The Palm Jumeirah Beach is one of the most notable and visited beaches of Dubai. Palm Jumeirah is among the world’s astronomical artificial islands in Dubai designed for relaxation and touristy. It is notable for its white sand. As the name suggests, this beach is in the shape of a palm tree.

Beaches In Dubai - Manmade Artificial Island In Dubai

The Palm Jumeirah has amazing beach clubs in Dubai. One of them is known as Riva Beach Club. Not only this, but Palm Jumeirah also has the best beach restaurants in Dubai situated at the crescent. The Palm Jumeirah is one of those beaches in Dubai that allow dogs but they should stay away from water.

Location: Palm Jumeirah Road – The Palm Jumeirah – Dubai

Facilities: Private Beach, Deep-Sea Fishing, Weddings & Events, Free Valet Service, Elite Golf Course

5- Kite Beach

Kite Surf Beach Dubai – Fun and FarNiente

Kite Beach and Umm Suqeim beach both are close to each other. In fact, Kite Beach is just a street away from Suqeim. A large number of adventurers and tourists visit this place each year. Numerous people came here to enjoy major sports activities and kite-surfing at the beach.

Public-Beach-Beach-in-Dubai-United-Arab-Emirates-Kite-Beach - Beaches In Dubai

This place is windy, that is the reason tourists enjoy kite-surfing here. The sand of Kite Beach is a bit granular than the other with numerous cuticles. This beach is also among those beaches that allow dogs.

Location: Kite Surf Beach – Jumeirah Beach Road – Dubai

Facilities: Kite Surf, Benches – Walkway, Free WIFI and Charging Areas, Food Trucks, Banana Boats

6- Al Sufouh Beach

Black Palace – Secret Beach – Dubai Hidden Beach

This beach has another name as Secret Beach. People call it a secret beach because it is one of the concealed treasures of the city with various palm trees. Some people also called it Black Palace Beach, Hidden Beach, and Palace Beach.

Public Beach - Beach in Dubai - United Arab Emirates-Al-Sufouh - Beaches In Dubai

When you will look on the right side, you will have a view of Burj Al Arab Jumeirah and on the left side, you will experience the beautiful sunset. If you want to relax and enjoy reading your book, this is your ideal place because it is not packed like other beaches.

Location: Al Sufouh Street – Dubai UAE

Facilities: Natural Wild Beach, Large Free Sandy Parking, Beach Volleyball, No Restaurant, No Sun Lounger

7- Marina Beach

The Waterfront – Stunning View Of The Marina Settlement

Exquisite in the daytime but more surreal at night because the big buildings near it lighten up the water of this beach. It is a lavish residential place. At some distance, you will get a lot of restaurants, hotels, and shopping areas.

Public Beach - Beach in Dubai - United Arab Emirates - Marina-Beach - Beaches In Dubai

Each year a lot of tourists visit this place because of its glistering scenes and colourful viewpoints. It includes various sports activities, events, and games that vanish your boredom. Facing the viewpoint you can also perceive Bluewater’s island. It has the best restaurants beaches in Dubai.

Location: Jumeirah Beach Residence – Dubai Marina – Dubai

Facilities: Sun Loungers & Umbrellas, Showers & Public Toilets, Running Track, Restaurants & Food Stalls

8- Mercato Beach

Charming & Peaceful Beach – Perfect To Escape The Crowd

It is not as crowded as the other beaches like The Palm, JBR, and La Mer. Mercato Beach is a quiet one. You will find Mercato mall near this beach where you can enjoy various kinds of food and do shopping. Not only this, but this beach contains bean bags and a library to enjoy your alone time. Near this beach, there are numerous small houses that give you a sense of South California beaches.

Beaches In Dubai - Mercato Beach

Location: Jumeirah beach road – Jumeirah 2 – Dubai UAE

Facilities: Paid Car Parking, Changing Facilities, Jogging Track, Access For Disabled Persons

9- Sunset Beach

Umm Suqeim Or Sunset Beach – Turquoise Blue Water

As the name shows, this beach holds enthralling and fascinating sunset views. If you are looking for sunbathing, this beach is the best spot for this purpose. This beach is also notable as Um Suqeim Beach.

If you want to go jogging with beautiful and exquisite views, you can go to this beach. It is among those beaches in Dubai that permit night swimming. The Burj Al Arab stands in the background of the sunset beach. This beach also contains the best clubs in Dubai.

Public-Beach-Beach-in-Dubai-United-Arab-Emirates-Sunset-Beach - Beaches In Dubai

Sunset beach has white sand in the form of sugar and crystalline water. Jumeirah Beach Hotel is near this beach so you can enjoy the luxury dine-in and shopping there.

Location: Jumeirah Beach Road – Umm Suqeim – Dubai UAE

Facilities: Free Public Beach, Night Swimming, Life Guards, Snacks – Restaurants – Refreshments

10- Royal Island Beach

The Royal Island – Dubai World Island – Deluxe Facilities

Royal Island Beach is among the great beaches in Dubai that are situated at World’s Island. It has the best beaches restaurants in Dubai along with various events and swimming pools. The hotels at this beach serve the best cocktails and drinks. Royal Island Beach is among the artificial islands in Dubai.

Public Beach - Beach in Dubai - United Arab Emirates - Royal-Island-Beach-Club - Beaches In Dubai

Location: Lebanon Island Beach – Dubai UAE

Facilities: 2 Private Beaches, Swimming Pool, Sun Loungers – Umbrellas – Towels, BBQ Beach Brunch

11- Azure Beach

Azure Beach Club – Rixos Premium Dubai – Relaxing Getaway

Dubai incorporates a lot of beaches and if you want to run from the crowd to enjoy the spectacular views, Azure Beach is the perfect option. It is also a place filled with the luxuries of the world. It has amazing swimming pools. This place also has the best club beaches in Dubai.

Public Beach - Beach in Dubai - United Arab Emirates - azure-beach - Beaches In Dubai

Location: The Palm Jumeirah – East Crescent – Dubai UAE

Facilities: Private Beach, Sun loungers & Umbrellas, Luxurious Private Cabanas, Seafood Restaurants

12- Jebel Ali Beach

Banan Beach – Pet Friendly Beach – Golf Resort

This beach is ideal for those individuals who do not want to remain idle. Jebel Ali Beach is also notable as Banan Beach. People could take place in various activities on this beach and that becomes obvious the instant you come and discover the numerous artefact’s.

Public Beach - Beach in Dubai - United Arab Emirates - Jebel Ali -Beach - Beaches In Dubai

Banan beach has 47 tents that people take on rent to enjoy their time there and 1 rent has a capacity of two people. If you want, you also spend the night there. It also has the best hotels beaches in Dubai like JA Jebel Ali Beach Hotel.

Location: Jebel Ali Beach – Dubai

Facilities: Free Public Beach, Free Sandy Parking, Showers, Life Guards, Private Cabanas

13- Palm West Beach

Ideal Place To Swim – Eat – Sip & Relax

This beach has the best tranquil water among other beaches. Palm West Beach is under the category of most beautiful beaches in Dubai. It includes a premium collection of 5-star hotels, so it is also famous for being the best hotel in Dubai. It also has the best sunset views.

Public Beach - Beach in Dubai - United Arab Emirates - Palm_West_Beach_Sunset - Beaches In Dubai

Location: Beach Pavilion – West Palm Beach – Dubai

Facilities: Restaurants & Luxury Hotels, Walking & Running Track, Water Sports, Sundowner Spots.

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